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Kate Becker is the author of The Chapel Ghost (2022).

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The Chapel Ghost

release date: Oct 04, 2022
The Chapel Ghost
'Tis only the rearrangement or subtraction of a few letters separating the vast meanings of ethereal and earthly. "The Chapel Ghost" A small child, dressed in white with a pale, yellow bow holding her blond hair in place at the nape, is nothing unusual, but Samuel and Tyler, experience otherwise. The young men share a brotherly bond formed during summers on the Maine coast and together discover a buried secret about their new acquaintance after spotting something near the back of the chapel one Sunday morning. Youthful curiosity overtakes them, and the two seek to learn the truth about a crime committed over a century before. "In the Vegetable Garden" Nicola and Corinne, lifelong friends, always have one's best interest in mind, but when illness causes one to cross into 'that world, ' their bond moves into new territory. Nicola's pride and joy is a large vegetable garden, and is not a hobby shared by both. When Nicola asks Corinne to keep it going, Corrine grapples with the dying words of her best friend and how to overcome her own inhibitions of having dirt under her fingernails. But grimy hands are not a deterrent for the persistent Nicola. The Chapel Ghost, by Kate Becker, is her second collection of short stories. Smile, cringe, and believe as each story seamlessly merges the ethereal and earthly worlds.

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