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Kerri Gardner is the author of Out of the Darkness Into Light (2015).

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Out of the Darkness Into Light

release date: Dec 20, 2015
Out of the Darkness Into Light
Fighting seven years of crippling depression in a chaotic dysfunctional family, Kerri can't imagine living another day without hope. She decides to end it all by killing herself.After her failed suicide attempt, she is imprisoned for a month in a terrifying Mental Health Hospital. When she is released, her life changes. Now, she has to follow 5 rules or she will be imprisoned once again. Kerri's loneliness increases in a community who all know what she has done. After all, who wants to talk to a freak? In order to unite the family once again, her parents take her to sunny Florida for an amazing Disney World experience. Whilst there, she meets Trevor, the boy of her dreams, only to discover that he lives an ocean apart from her. They quickly fall in love and a long distance friendship begins. In a time when email and texting does not exist can Kerri and Trevor keep their relationship going? Can Kerri re-build her life and get back to a new normal? Out of the Darkness Into the Light is Kerri's shocking, heartbreaking and sometimes funny true story of self-discovery, acceptance, strength and the most unbelievable love story that will leave no reader unmoved.

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