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Kirk J Schneider is the author of The Depolarizing of America (2020) and The Psychology of Existence (2012).

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The Depolarizing of America

release date: Apr 15, 2020
The Depolarizing of America
Our nation needs healing dialogues--especially now. In the wake of the coronavirus and George Floyd killing, many of the issues dividing us as a nation--race, politics, class, gender, climate change, globalism, and religion--have only been magnified, and although the U.S. Surgeon general has called for an end to bickering and partisanship, it is unclear to what extent this will take effect. What is clear, however, is that safe, mindfully structured dialogues are imperative if we are to salvage our republic and the democratic principles on which it is built. The Depolarizing of America is the culmination of years of effort to promote safe, mindfully structured dialogues in homes, offices, classrooms, and community centers. It is an attempt to "give away" the time-tested skills with which the author, Kirk Schneider, has intimate experience, to a range of both laypersons and professionals; people who yearn to socially heal. The book begins with personal observations about our polarized state, both within the United States (and by implication) the world. It follows up with a reflection on how the sense of awe toward life--issuing in part from America's founding spirit--can serve as a counter to this polarized state. It concludes with practical strategies centered on dialogue. These strategies translate awe-based sensibilities, including humility and wonder toward life, to a rediscovery of one another, a rediscovery of our potential to shape and revitalize our times. As a follow up to Schneider's groundbreaking book, The Polarized Mind, The Depolarizing of America is an essential read for those who are striving for social healing and positive collective change.

The Psychology of Existence

release date: Feb 01, 2012
The Psychology of Existence
A prestigious, original title co-authored by Rollo May, one of the best selling American fathers of existential psychology. This long awaited text in existential psychology presents a practical, integrative approach to the discipline especially for the training clinician. Three broad dimensions are emphasized: its literary, philosophical, and psychological heritage, its recent and future trends, and its therapeutic applications.

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