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Linda Howard is the author of Overload (2016) and Distant Lightning from Old Lucasville (2016).

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release date: Jan 01, 2016
New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard presents a reader favorite novella that smolders with romantic tension Elizabeth Major and Tom Quinlan had a passionate relationship until Elizabeth broke things off abruptly, seemingly for no reason. Now Elizabeth has her own interior design business in a sleek office building in downtown Dallas, but she can't escape her fiery past with Tom—he ends up right across the hall from her, running a private investigation office. On a sweltering day in midsummer, a severe blackout traps Tom and Elizabeth alone together in the office building. They can't resist the sparks that fly between them, but can their passion for each other overcome the secrets keeping them apart? Previously Published.

Distant Lightning from Old Lucasville

release date: Mar 07, 2016
Distant Lightning from Old Lucasville
I hope to give you many glimpses of distant lightning from Lucasville; lightning that reveals lives lived. In sharing my little prose-poems, I hope that the reader will begin to see a mosaic of life in the village of old Lucasville while filling in that mosaic with your own memories and recollections. The first poem that I share is one that talks of the 1860's and the Civil War, while my poetry tells of life in the last half of the twentieth century and on into the twenty-first. I would like to say a word about my poetry. I'm not even sure it is poetry. I think some of my "poems" can be called prose poems, but some may be distilled descriptions or little stories written in poetic form. Whatever they are, they are the way I deal with subjects that are important to me. I offer them to you and hope you find value in them.

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