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Loriene Honda is the author of The Cat Who Chose to Dream (2014).

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The Cat Who Chose to Dream

release date: Jan 01, 2014
The Cat Who Chose to Dream
The Cat Who Chose to Dream shares the story of a cat's choice to be interned in a World War II internment camp as a gesture of loving support to the Japanese American family to whom he belongs. We witness through the cat's eyes the devastating condition of the camp as well as the sense of injustice he feels seeing his family go through this demoralizing experience. Young readers also share in the cat's triumph over feelings of hopelessness and anger, as they witness the cat's use of breathing and visualization exercises that help transport his creative mind to a place in his heart where he no longer feels encumbered and restrained, but self-empowered and free. Through the beautiful artwork of former internee, Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani, and the inclusion of therapeutic relaxation and visualization techniques, Child Psychologist Loriene Honda demonstrates how the imaginative mind can prove to be one's most powerful tool in surpassing adversity.

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