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Lt Col Usmc Paul Jeffrey Prinster is the author of Finding God in War? (2009).

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Finding God in War?

release date: Dec 01, 2009
Finding God in War?
"Finding God in War?" Is a book about courage, inspiration, and hope. Within its pages, you will find the true stories of U. S. Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who deepened their understanding of their role in the military and within God's universe of complex and confounding circumstances. Their stories of war serve as inspiration for everyone on how to make sense of our daily endeavors by learning how to uncover a deeper meaning in our lives. Read about the luckiest unluckiest Marine alive who felt his presence rest directly within the safe hands of God as a bullet whizzed directly through his helmet leaving him completely intact suffering only with a newly parted hairstyle. Another Marine infuses scripture into his being for strength and courage by stuffing pages from the Bible into his boots prior to entering battle. A young reservist listens to the sound of blasts going off around him and feels complete peace knowing his role is to serve others and his fate rests in God's hands. All of us can learn how to cope with our daily existences by tapping into the spiritual coping skills of U. S. Warriors.

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