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Luisa J Gallagher-Stevens is the author of Unscripted Spirituality (2021).

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Unscripted Spirituality

release date: Aug 12, 2021
Unscripted Spirituality
Unscripted Spirituality: Making Meaning of Leadership and Faith in College provides a contemporary exploration of Christian spirituality and leadership among emerging adults. Drawing from an ecumenical Wesleyan and Jesuit theological foundation, the text highlights an experiential approach to education and Christian spiritual formation. Through the lens of undergraduate students' faith narratives, the text considers strategies to impact emerging adults' inward spiritual journey, cognitive thinking, and outward expression of faith. In Unscripted Spirituality, leadership and spirituality are explored primarily through the narratives of undergraduate Protestant and Catholic student leaders at Gonzaga University, a Jesuit liberal arts institution. Through exploring students' leadership and spiritual life experiences, this text reveals unique insights into the perspectives of undergraduate student leaders as they face difficult life challenges, have intimate encounters with God, and explore their leadership identity.

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