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Luke Lauber is the author of Obby the Obot (2022) and - A.I (2021).

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Obby the Obot

release date: Feb 22, 2022
Obby the Obot
Obby doesn't understand how the Engineer could make such a big mistake when building him. It must be a programming glitch that won't let Obby says his Rs, which means he can't say his real name Robby the Robot, it only comes out Obby the Obot. What's worse is when the Engineer stamped Robby across the front of him, the R didn't show up. Not a single other robot has this glitch, they can all say their Rs just fine. From racoon, to railroad, to round rolling rocks. But not Obby he can't say any of that, and the other robots remind him all the time. He can hardly walk down the street without a sideways stare or rude comment. And besides not being able to say his own name, he's not exactly sure of his purpose. He decides to skip out on training at the academy to avoid the constant teasing and funny looks from the other robots. So when Obby is summoned to the Engineer, he's frightened. He knows he has done wrong. What will his punishment be, disassembly, melted down in the furnace? But the Engineer isn't angry, he's concerned. He tells Obby, he was never meant to be Robby the Robot, but always Obby the robot. Doesn't Obby know that the Engineer doesn't make mistakes, that he has planned for everything? And even now the time for Obby's unique design is coming. Though, the Engineer won't tell Obby his purpose, only that he must trust in him and the plans. A large tank at the factory fractures, releasing a torrent of boiling rubber. Thick sticky green goo floods the streets, trapping dozens of robots. Discovering the gadgets within and designed specifically for him, Obby shifts and twists and suddenly realizes he can fly. He zooms off and plugs the hole in the vat, before the rubber rises too high, short-circuits the trapped robots, and encases them like bouncy balls. And then before the goo dries like rubber cement, Obby swoops along the streets plucking out one robot after the other and flying them to safety. All the robots celebrate and the Engineer awards Obby with a magnet for heroic valor. Obby has saved the day and has started to understand his unique design and purpose.

- A.I

release date: Oct 01, 2021
- A.I
This book is meant to give you almost a half year's worth of quotes that don't inspire you, but they almost inspire you.

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