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Malena Ernman is the author of Our House Is on Fire (2020), Scene din inimă (2020) and A Nossa Casa Está A Arder.

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Our House Is on Fire

release date: Mar 17, 2020
Our House Is on Fire
"A must-read ecological message of hope . . . Everyone with an interest in the future of this planet should read this book." --David Mitchell, The Guardian When climate activist Greta Thunberg was eleven, her parents Malena and Svante, and her little sister Beata, were facing a crisis in their own home. Greta had stopped eating and speaking, and her mother and father had reconfigured their lives to care for her. Desperate and searching for answers, her parents discovered what was at the heart of Greta’s distress: her imperiled future on a rapidly heating planet. Steered by Greta’s determination to understand the truth and generate change, they began to see the deep connections between their own suffering and the planet’s. Written by a remarkable family and told through the voice of an iconoclastic mother, Our House Is on Fire is the story of how they fought their problems at home by taking global action. And it is the story of how Greta decided to go on strike from school, igniting a worldwide rebellion.

Scene din inimă

release date: Jul 24, 2020
Scene din inimă
Scene din inimă este despre viața Malenei Ernman împreună cu soțul ei, Svante Thunberg și cele două fiice ale lor, Greta și Beata. Este despre primii ani ai familiei atunci când au călătorit împreună prin Europa, despre bucuria de a fi părinți și despre criza ce a apărut în momentul în care Greta, în clasa a cincea, a încetat să mai mănânce. Malena Ernman descrie scenele și fricile pe care majoritatea părinților le trăiesc în inimile lor. Îi oferă cititorului o privire în culisele unei familii aruncate în neliniște.

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