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Manuel C Flores is the author of Cuentos Tejanos (2021).

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Cuentos Tejanos

release date: Apr 19, 2021
Cuentos Tejanos
"Cuentos Tejanos" is a recounting of stories, legends, and people who helped forge the personality and character of the State of Texas, in particular in the Wild Horse Desert region South of the Nueces River and north of the Rio Grande. Many of these tales are historical in nature and others are legends, accounts that were told by a campfire or converted to "Corridos" - ballads - by the Tejano. Some are academically inclined with sources and citations, but most are just stories told from generation to generation that have survived the test of time and must not be forgotten. You will also learn about many of the personalities that helped settled the area. You will read about conquistadores, generals, and feats of bravery. You will read folk stories - some that will tickle your feelings and send shivers down your spine. You will be amazed at the depth of history this area has and wonder why it's not in the history books for our children to learn and retell. This is "Cuentos Tejanos." It is about tales of the Wild Horse Desert of Texas where wild Spanish mustangs roamed from the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to the Brush Country of South Texas and the plains for the Rio Grande Valley delta. Most of the stories are by Dr. Manuel C. Flores, Jr., professor of journalism and communications at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. He is a well-regarded Tejano historian and has made countless lectures and talks on the subject. He also has written two books, has chapters in two other books and his academic work has appeared in journals like the Journal of South Texas. Other stories are written by journalists and historians who felt their stories must also be told. "Cuentos Tejanos" translates to "Tejano Tales," and thus the subtitle "Tales of Life in the Wild Horse Desert."

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