Paperback Books by Marshall Karp

Marshall Karp is the author of The Rabbit Factory (2007) and Cut, Paste, Kill (2010).

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The Rabbit Factory

release date: May 15, 2007
The Rabbit Factory
Rambunctious Rabbit--Rambo to his fans--is an American icon and a theme park's biggest draw. When the actor inside the Rambo costume and two other theme park employees are murdered, LAPD detectives must catch the madman before he brings the family entertainment giant to its knees.

Cut, Paste, Kill

release date: Jun 04, 2010
Cut, Paste, Kill
When Eleanor Bellingham-Crump - an unrepentant socialite who is responsible for the drunk-driving death of a 10-year-old boy - turns up murdered on the bathroom floor of a Hollywood hotel, Lomax and Biggs are confronted with a crime of artistic brutality. Along with the scissors sticking out of Eleanor's lifeless body, the two LAPD detectives find a meticulous scrapbook documenting a motive for vengeance in lurid detail. As more bodies are discovered, each one connected by the intricate scrapbooks left at the scene, Lomax and Biggs are on the hunt for a vigilante stalking unpunished criminals. They must race to decode the meaning behind the scrapbooks before the crafty avenger has time to cut and paste the story for another kill.

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