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Mary Haley is the author of Aromatherapy (2021), Journey to the Horizon (2005) and The Great Potato Murder (2016).

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release date: Aug 04, 2021
Nature has bestowed the human race with a number of different blessings which are beyond the scope of being countable. The potential of utilization of these blessings depends upon the intensive research and rigorous efforts to discover these blessings and make use of these as much as possible. One of these blessings includes the different essential oils which can be obtained from different plants and a number of their parts. Using these essential oils one of the branches of therapeutics is named as aromatherapy. Here is a preview of what you''ll learn... - What is aromatherapy? - What are essential oils? - Extraction of essential oils - Benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils - Precautions in aromatherapy - Commonly used essential oils and their benefits - Essential oils for natural medicine - Essential oils for beauty - Much, much more! Appropriate application of essential oils and aromatherapy can go a long way towards dealing with medical and emotional issues. However, the application is not as simple as just dropping oils on your skin and waiting for better health, and that is why it is necessary to have the right knowledge before doing anything in order to not cause more harm than good.

Journey to the Horizon

release date: Aug 04, 2005

The Great Potato Murder

release date: Apr 20, 2016
The Great Potato Murder
My aunt is dead... Julie Ann is no stranger to death, having endured the death of her parents, but that didn''t prepare her for finding that her beloved Aunt Cynth is now a ghost. Cynth, a famous mystery writer, was murdered by one of her own story lines-a poisoned potato. She stayed behind to help solve her own murder, but this has added its own set of challenges as they must keep Cynth''s death a secret. Julie Ann and her aunt have a crew of unusual suspects to sift through to find the determined killer who keeps trying to murder Cynth and pin it on Julie Ann. Can the two of them solve the murder and keep Julie Ann from being the next victim? "After 25 years of volunteering for Junior High author Mary Haley has a pretty good idea what that age level wants." Ben Olson editor of Reader Magazine.

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