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Mary Petrina Boyd is the author of The Teachers of Spiritual Wisdom (2021).

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The Teachers of Spiritual Wisdom

release date: May 03, 2021
The Teachers of Spiritual Wisdom
We call attention to the harsh reality that we are living in troubled times. We are especially conscious of climate change and COVID-19. We underline that these challenges impact all people. In light of this reality, we use ten primary questions that all human beings ask, consciously or unconsciously, and then amplify each of the ten primary questions with nine additional sub-questions. We then draw upon one of the great teachers of spiritual wisdom (Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, etc.) with a brief quote and then write a short "wisdom" response to the question. By "wisdom" we mean a body of accumulated reflection about the character and meaning of life. Spiritual wisdom suggests an outlook or attitude that enables us to cope, a deeper way of knowing and learning the art of living in rhythm with the soul. We use the life experience of three authors, coming from different religious and cultural outlooks.

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