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Mary Younger is the author of You're Not A Ladybird You've Got No Spots (2011).

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You're Not A Ladybird You've Got No Spots

release date: Jan 01, 2011
You're Not A Ladybird You've Got No Spots
This is the story of a very young ladybird on her first outing in the garden and when she becomes lost she asks the same question of every creature she meets; 'please can you show me the way to go home?' Each creature is engaged on a certain task in different parts of the garden and in turn they enquire, 'what are you?' When she replies she is a ladybird this is met with disbelief as she has not yet got her spots. By the end of the story ladybird's spots have appeared and she is met by her mother who shows her the way to go home.

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