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Melinda Maerker is the author of LOVE COMES FIRST (2021).

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release date: Mar 01, 2021
Ready to start (or even thinking of starting) your family? Love Comes First: Creating LGBTQ Families has everything you need in a complete three-in-one format so you can easily find the sections that most apply to you. Inspiring, heartwarming (and sometimes challenging!) stories of families created through multiple ways that come to life with engaging photographs. What the experts say about conceiving and raising children in LGBTQ families-from adoption to surrogacy. A tour through the biology and latest technologies of reproductive medicine from an LGBTQ perspective. Are you a gay man or couple considering surrogacy? Read a first-hand account of a gay dad and his surrogate in Family Stories. Get the details on egg donation and fertility law in Expert Advice. And find out everything you need to know from a biological perspective in Reproductive Possibilities. Or a lesbian wanting to build your family through adoption and biologically? You'll find various personal perspectives. And practical information from an organization specializing in adoption for LGBTQ parents as well as sperm donation from the largest sperm bank in the country. The book is endorsed by some of the most known LGBTQ parents: "Love Comes First: Creating LGBTQ Families shares beautiful stories to support all of us, no matter what stage in life you are. It's a resource I wish I had twenty years ago-I love that this book exists now, and for future generations. We are so, so lucky to have these stories to encourage us to live authentically and with purpose, however that may look." - Nate Berkus, host of "Nate & Jeremiah by Design" "Love Comes First: Creating LGBTQ Families is an inspiring resource for beginning your journey to parenthood." - Andy Cohen, host of "What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" "Love Comes First: Creating LGBTQ Families shows us all the different ways to build families. It's a lot more than a 'how-to' guide. It gives us hope and encouragement that our families will help make the world a better place." - Melissa Etheridge, multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, musician and activist "My family mean everything to me. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have my beautiful family which as a young, gay man, didn't seem possible or acceptable in the 80s. But LGBTQ parents can be loving and protective parents just like anyone else and I hope we continue to break down the barriers that challenge or stigmatize LGBTQ families." - David Furnish, co-chief of Rocket Pictures along with his husband, Sir Elton John

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