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Michael D Nama is the author of Stay Tuned for 3eme Workbook (2010) and Stay Tuned for 3eme Teacher's Guide (2008).

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Stay Tuned for 3eme Teacher's Guide

release date: Apr 30, 2008
Stay Tuned for 3eme Teacher's Guide
Stay Tuned Teacher's Guide for 3ème Newlook! A Cambridge English course for French-speaking students, written by an all-Cameroonian educationists and teachers. The chosen themes in this innovative third edition English course are guided by the hidden curriculum. The communicative approach is successfully integrated with tried and tested approaches of traditional language teaching and is based on the assumption that students: - come to the class with prior knowledge - will contribute enormously to their own learning if they are given the right stimulus and confidence. Features of the Teacher's Guide are: - schemes of work to help teachers with lesson preparation. - detailed suggestions on practical issues such as lesson planning, class management and evaluating - thorough discussions of the methodological approach to the teaching of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar - step-by-step guidance through each unit of the Student's Book, including the relevant objectives and answers to the exercises.

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