Audio Books by Michael Kleber-Diggs

Michael Kleber-Diggs is the author of Worldly Things (2021) and Words of a Feather (2021).

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Worldly Things

release date: Jun 08, 2021
Worldly Things
“Sometimes,” writes Michael Kleber-Diggs writes in this winner of the Max Ritvo Poetry Prize, “everything reduces to circles and lines.” In these poems, Kleber-Diggs names delight in the same breath as loss. Moments suffused with love—teaching his daughter how to drive; watching his grandmother bake a cake; waking beside his beloved to ponder trumpet mechanics—couple with moments of wrenching grief—a father’s life ended by a gun; mourning children draped around their mother’s waist; Freddie Gray’s death in police custody. Even in the refuge-space of dreams, a man calls the police on his Black neighbor. But Worldly Things refuses to “offer allegiance” to this centuries-old status quo. With uncompromising candor, Kleber-Diggs documents the many ways America systemically fails those who call it home while also calling upon our collective potential for something better. “Let’s create folklore side-by-side,” he urges, asking us to aspire to a form of nurturing defined by tenderness, to a kind of community devoted to mutual prosperity. “All of us want,” after all, “our share of light, and just enough rainfall.” Sonorous and measured, the poems of Worldly Things offer needed guidance on ways forward—toward radical kindness and a socially responsible poetics.

Words of a Feather

release date: Apr 01, 2021
Words of a Feather
Words of a Feather is a poetry and bird chapbook designed to uplift pandemic-era Kansans in the environmental humanities. In these complicated times, the chapbook keeps it simple: connecting Douglas County residents with the beauty of local birds and engaging them with deep humanities questions guided by poetry. As we continue to socially distance, we can consider and enjoy a renewed focus on communion with the outdoors and the common good of environmental stewardship.

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