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Michele Emmer is the author of Bolle bolle bolle-Bubbles bubbles bubbles. Ediz. bilingue (2019), Mathematics and Culture II (2005) and Mathland (2004).

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Bolle bolle bolle-Bubbles bubbles bubbles. Ediz. bilingue

release date: Jan 01, 2019

Mathematics and Culture II

release date: Jan 20, 2005
Mathematics and Culture II
In addition to mathematicians, this book is intended for a more general audience, for teachers and for researchers, for students in almost all topics, in particular in art, humanities, psychology, design and literature It is a truly interdisciplinary volume, and serves as a source for ideas and suggestions in several fields


release date: Jan 01, 2004
IT Revolution in Architecture is a series which looks at architecture in the light of the electronic revolution, reflecting on the effects which the virtual dimension is having on architects and architecture in general. Each volume examines a single topic, highlighting the essential aspects and exploring their relevance for the architects of today. How the latest forms of mathematics help us shape the space around us - the fascinating story of a radical transformation. The latest book in our successful series IT Revolution in Architecture provides a concise summary of how our perception of the space around us has radically changed in recent years. We could even go as far as to say that we ourselves shape the space around us according to how our perceptions of the universe alter and develop, and mathematics plays a pivotal role. In this book, the "virtual" protagonist of the journey through the concept of space is the square.

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