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Mike Cogdall is the author of The Broker's Broker (2020).

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The Broker's Broker

release date: Oct 18, 2020
The Broker's Broker
Have you ever imagined what your practice would be like if you only spent time with prospects that are highly-qualified, highly-motivated and who already have a favorable impression of you? If you are like most producers, selling becomes so much easier when you are talking to these types of prospects. Unfortunately, far too often, producers are spending their time begging for appointments with prospects that are not qualified and have no motivation to take action. These meetings lead to frustration for both the producer and the so-called prospect. In this book, Chris Carlson & Mike Cogdall will reveal how to create an insurance practice that will result in all of your prospects being predisposed to wanting to buy from you. By establishing yourself as the Disability Insurance Specialist for other organizations and producers, you can create the most profitable practice in the Financial Services Industry.

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