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Nikki Abramowitz is the author of Tapping for Zapping Anxiety Away (2015) and ZenThoughts Coloring Book (2015).

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Tapping for Zapping Anxiety Away

release date: Aug 15, 2015
Tapping for Zapping Anxiety Away
What if the thoughts that trigger your child's anxiety were neutralized? What if the butterflies in their stomach, the sweat on their palms, and the desperate look in their eyes for help were transformed? And what if they had the skills to affect this transformation themselves? This book provides a pathway to do just that. In this story, you'll meet Nelly Moon who gets extremely nervous before riding the bus to school. Just thinking about the bus makes Nelly jittery! Fortunately, she's befriended by a sweet alien named Neutrino who takes her on an international adventure to learn something called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping. Nelly uses tapping to ease her anxiety and boost her confidence. Tapping is a technique backed by mounting scientific evidence to calm the nervous system to restore balance in the mind and body. Your child can read this beautifully illustrated story and workbook to learn the simple yet powerful anxiety relief technique of tapping. Ready to get started? As Neutrino says, "Come on, youthlings, let's GoTapping!"

ZenThoughts Coloring Book

release date: Jun 18, 2015
ZenThoughts Coloring Book
When you go through a break up, not only are you losing your partner, you're losing the world you created together. Social events, professional life, and even the little daily moments can lack meaning. Many experience anxiety during times like these caused by ruminating on the past or fearing an unknown future. Fortunately, there are practices that can help you heal. Research shows us that remaining focused on the present moment-a practice facilitated by meditation-can quell your stress and help you heal. If you've tried traditional meditation and it hasn't worked for you or if you're looking for an alternative, you've found the right book. This adult coloring book is dedicated to helping you overcome a broken heart by cultivating mindfulness, serenity, and healing. Find 20 unique, beautiful healing illustrations inside along with short exercises and inspiring messages to complement each coloring page.

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