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Olivia Wagner is the author of Right Leader, Right Time (2022) and Shopping Paradise Airport (2008).

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Right Leader, Right Time

release date: Mar 29, 2022
Right Leader, Right Time
This book helps both leaders and companies up their game by discovering and embracing leadership styles.

Shopping Paradise Airport

release date: Sep 01, 2008
Shopping Paradise Airport
Peoples associations with airports are mainly dominated by the transport function. In recent years, many airports have developed large shopping experience areas. The research project presented in this book examines passengers' shopping behaviour and motivation in order to better cater to customers' needs. In a first step the author reviews latest literature in the field of shopping motivation in general and airport shopping typologies in particular. In the second part of the analysis, the empirical study is introduced: A survey of airport shoppers was carried out at several international airports to reveal passengers' motives to shop at the airport environment. The data allows to extract a new typology of airport shoppers. This comprehensive book provides innovative insights for retailers as well as for airport facility planners and is a valuable contribution in the field of shopping behaviour of air travellers.

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