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Orrin Woodward is the author of Exposed (2021).

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release date: Feb 01, 2021
When I first studied how the Financial Matrix''s global banking system operated, I was shocked. The rank injustices and inequalities, not to mention its oppressive nature, is unconscionable. Not only is the Financial Matrix the most powerful monopoly in the world, but it is also the most profitable, siphoning away trillions of dollars from the world economy at the expense of unsuspecting people. Furthermore, through the Financial Matrix''s control of money, media, and business, democratically elected politicians must obey the Financial Matrix because without its money and media support, winning elections is not possible. Modern society has been highly politicized, with politicians and pundits discussing, dissecting, and debating nearly anything to keep the people divided. On one side, the Media riles up conservatives to support law, order, and family values. Believing they are defending American values, conservatives are duped into supporting massive budget deficits to fund the military used by the Financial Matrix for oppression and injustice. On the other side, the Media stirs up liberals to support change, charity, and equality. Believing they are fighting against injustice and oppression, they are similarly duped into supporting state socialism, a modern form of slavery, used by the Financial Matrix to secure its power. With so many issues dividing the people in all directions, it is beyond suspicious that the one issue important to all people, the one capable of uniting people from all parties, races, and creeds, is not discussed, dissected, or debated at all. This reminds me of The Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy and her traveling companions were mesmerized by the magnified image of the wizard, whose amplified voice boomed commands, while a smoke-and-mirrors light show paralyzed them. Toto, however, ignored the distractions. Running to the curtain, he pulled it back to reveal a decrepit old man pushing levers while shouting commands into a microphone. Once exposed, the grandfatherly figure attempted to close the curtain while bellowing into the microphone, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" In a similar fashion, the media, to quote Shakespeare, is "full of sound and fury signifying nothing," with people mesmerized by magnified images, booming voices, and a smoke-and-mirrors light show, while the true issue remains hidden behind the curtain. This book, like Toto, seeks to pull back the curtain to expose the Financial Matrix''s injustices. Further, it launches the Financial Justice movement, teaching people from all walks of life how to break free from the Financial Matrix and, ultimately, build a community of people to end it. In short, the situation comes down to this: 1) The Financial Matrix money and banking system is rigged against you. 2) The Financial Matrix is legally robbing you of your hard-earned money. 3) Financial Justice is the solution, and you can be part of it!

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