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Pamela L Perrewe is the author of Political Skill at Work: Revised and Updated (2020).

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Political Skill at Work: Revised and Updated

release date: Jul 09, 2020
Political Skill at Work: Revised and Updated
Political skill is a characteristic that can facilitate good things for individuals and their organizations. Yes, it is possible that political skill can be used and to get away with self-serving acts at the expense of others, but contrary to the stereotypical perceptions of being political, political skill is about more than manipulation. In fact, political skill enables people to build trust and forge positive relationships, and leaders often need it to influence others and access resources critical to their teams' success. This edition has been revised and updated with more than 15 years of additional research on political skill, as well as new examples that demonstrate why, in today's organizations, career success depends more on political skill than on almost any other characteristic.

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