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Paul R Friesen is the author of The Gospels (2022).

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The Gospels

release date: Jan 11, 2022
The Gospels
You can be an evangelist without any training. That is because scripture has all the words you need and a helper promised to you if you would use it. This is a book of questions specifically designed to engage children with scripture. There are no right or wrong answers. There is no limit to adding questions, even off-topic ones. For those who want to know about scripture at a deeper level, this is a great book to begin the journey. This book has been used to reach searching neighbors who are not interested in church, but enjoy the companionship of reading together. Pastor Dr. Paul R. Friesen has been using this as an English Church for children. It is an ESL tool and most of the students speak English well. There are unlimited ways to use this material. It is the Holy Spirit who reaches each reader. Using the NIrV, with an English level of 3rd grade, it is easy to read, but the questions people have will challenge your knowledge. Spend an hour a week with your group and you will discover the questions go in many directions. Encourage all questions, especially ones about God or the reading. Though this has only the Gospels, the rest of the New Testament books will be published not far in the future. Be sure to watch for them. They are clustered into Pauline Epistles and General Epistles plus Revelation. The goal is to have similar books for the Old Testament. That will be in the more distant future. If you enjoy the book, suggest it toyour church or friends. Any time is the best time to read scripture.

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