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Peter James Ford is the author of Mysticism in Newburyport (2023).

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Mysticism in Newburyport

release date: Mar 26, 2023
Mysticism in Newburyport
MYSTICISM IN NEWBURYPORT is a seven-book series revealing ancient secrets from masters of all cultures along with modern-day breakthroughs by scientists and quantum physicists of our times. These tales began flowing after Peter’s powerful spiritual awakening in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Newburyport is a quaint little, historic seaport on the coast of Massachusetts heading towards New Hampshire. Peter had been sober in the 12-step recovery program for many years and had recovered from his alcoholism. Peter’s love of Nature had brought him to the Newburyport area. This area is rich with Nature’s treasures, Native American Heritage and many tales from the tall cargo ships of olden days. High street was lined with homes of these Sea Captains. Peter’s awakening had given him new eyes and new highly evolved senses. Peter was to have powerful past lives experience with his Mystery Woman guide named Layne. Layne was a mystic that would tell people things about themselves that there was no way she could know. She would look you in the eyes and tell you your deepest secrets. She also knew about the Earth’s electromagnetic grids and helped Peter understand what he was experiencing in Newburyport. Peter’s new heightened senses could feel the electromagnet flow of energy and the convergence right below Market Square in Newburyport. Market Square was one of the crossroads for these powerful electromagnet energies that gives life to our planet. Peter was to share the secrets that were revealed to him in his writings.

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