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R A Salvatore is the author of The Dao of Drizzt (2021).

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The Dao of Drizzt

release date: Sep 29, 2021
The Dao of Drizzt
For over thirty years, Drizzt Do''Urden has been one of the most important characters in fantasy literature. Throughout his novels, Drizzt has written down his thoughts about life and love, the nature of good and evil, the joys (and frustrations) of family, and so much more. Bound together for the first time, the collected wisdom and philosophy of Drizzt will be a beautifully-packaged gift book--complete with an introduction by bestselling fantasy author Evan Winter--for his biggest fans and readers wanting to learn about this iconic figure. Growing up in the chaos of Menzoberranzan, one young drow elf tries to make sense of the conflict between the traditions he must serve and the protestations of his own conscience. To lay bare the injustices he sees and to strengthen his own resolve to follow the ethical call of his heart, Drizzt Do''Urden is both an agent of action and self-reflection. These, his writings, become critical to his salvation, the way in which he makes sense of a world that to him makes little sense at all. The power of his writings, of his meditation, of his inward determination will carry him forward, forcing upon him decisions that others would consider noble, perhaps, but surely foolhardy...impossible even. But to Drizzt, the choices are true and right, so there can be no other course. These journal entries, then, show the struggle between tradition and truth, where the courage to choose right over wrong climbs the many obstacles of societal expectations and entrenched power--if nowhere else, then in the heart of an idealist. They were written to help Drizzt understand himself. But the universal truths will resonate with readers throughout the Realms.

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