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R Ben Newman is the author of Write to Read (2010).

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Write to Read

release date: Jan 04, 2010
Write to Read
The DVD is available under the Movies and TV section. The Write to Read Program is an educational kit consisting of a book of eleven fictional stories written and illustrated by children with a separately ordered DVD of the authors reading and acting out some aspects of their stories. This program is designed to serve as a model to enable children to develop their own literacy, reading skills, creativity, and conceptual style. The stories in the Write to Read book and DVD all focus on the various hobbies of each writer. The hobbies include: ballet, cooking, singing, golfing, ice-skating, snowboarding, rowing, surfing, ice-dancing, drawing, and weightlifting. The Write to Read project encourages children to create stories that are related to their own hobby and to life experiences. Children of all ages will benefit from the Write to Read book and DVD. At the end of the book, Write to Read provides a journal book for the child to create, write, and illustrate their own story. The Write to Read book and DVD will become a treasured keepsake for the entire family.

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