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R S Hunter is the author of Where Eagles Fly, Uncensored . . . (2012).

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Where Eagles Fly, Uncensored . . .

release date: Aug 01, 2012
Where Eagles Fly, Uncensored . . .
While R.S. Hunter was interviewing Red Campbell for Where Eagles Fly, Remember Me . . . (the first book capturing Red's story), Hunter was drawn into Red's stories; it was as if he was there watching the turn of events firsthand. This was the story of a man who would stop at nothing to live his dreams. As they talked about some aspects of his experiences, Red would sometimes shy away from sharing much detail. The memories stirred up were still painful for him, even after seven decades. As Red surrenders to the cancer that will soon take his life, he wants to tell the rest of the story. Where Eagles Fly, Uncensored . . . is that story, the same as in the first book, but with an added chapter in which nothing was held back. This is his story, in horrific detail, as he remembers it. In the words of John A. Campbell (Red), "Over the years, friends and relatives have asked me why I have not written a book about my WWII experiences. My answer has been that there were several books already published in which the author has said some very flattering things about me (not always accurate). So why should I ruin the image already established by telling the truth? Now as I prepare to meet my maker, I finally realize that there is still so much to tell. Where Eagles Fly, Uncensored . . . is my story, my memory, my nightmare. I pray you will remember me not by my mistakes, but by the good I have done. Where Eagles Fly is my Legacy, one I leave behind for my kids, my grandkids, and all of the generations to follow. This story is my parting gift to you . . . "

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