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RG Richardson is the author of Philadelphia Interactive Guide (2020).

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Philadelphia Interactive Guide

release date: Apr 06, 2020
Philadelphia Interactive Guide
Philadelphia City Guide - Interactive City Guide updated 2023 Author: R.G.Richardson All guides now include: Restaurant Guide Beverage Guide Career Guide Real Estate Guide This is a live interactive search guidebook with 13,300 presets that searches for everything about your city. Pick and click on the icon, never goes out of date! Interactive internet pages! You can search for events, restaurants, banks, hotels, shopping, apartments and sports. Find everything that is happening in the city! In the guidebook, you look in the index of what you want to search and then you click on the button next to it and you instantly have your search items displayed. All guides search in 10 languages. Since 2003 eComTechnology/RGRichardson©2023 Assign Centre, ISBN Division Library and Archives Canada Author R.G. Richardson Victoria, BC. Canada V8R 5G9 Updated 1/2023

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