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RG Richardson is the author of San Jose Quick Links (2020).

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San Jose Quick Links

release date: Mar 05, 2020
San Jose Quick Links
San Jose Quick Links - Spanish, English and Chinese Interactive City Guide Interactive City Guides search using the power of the internet, continuously updated in multiple languages. Rolling out in 2020 with 8 search engines and 9900 links using your browser in over 10 different languages; point and click that's it! You can now avoid spelling mistakes and language difficulties making this guide simple enough for everybody to use. Simply click the icon, your search is done. Read everything you want to know and it is never out of date. These guides have extensive hotel and restaurant search; not to mention real estate, shopping, job and employment opportunities available in the guides. Sit in the coffee shop and start searching away on their WiFi and start using our interactive city search guides and brochures with multiple languages! For PC, Mac, Pad, or iPhone or mobile phone enabled search tool with multi-search engine capability built right in. This guide searches for food, hotels, real estate, historical sites, sports, concerts, even public toilets and water closets and everything that’s fun to do; with travel planning, maps and transportation. Good for tourists, travellers, vacationers, people who have just moved to town, and even long term residents who want to stay on top of what’s new and current in their area or city. These guides are great for those with disabilities! New updated Interactive Notes and Glossaries for Economics, Financial, Markets, Money and Banking for students and professionals. All guides rolling out in 2020 searching in all languages in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Indian, Portuguese and Japanese! Updated March 2020 R.G. Richardson City Guides using the power of the internet.

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