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Court Lord

release date: Aug 02, 2022
Court Lord
Court Lord - A Must Read The two greatest centers in the history of the sport were Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. Whoever you compare the two to or who you decide to choose, both centers have accomplished enough in their professional lives to qualify as the finest centers to ever play the position. Whether Wilt, the scoring machine who had no trouble scoring 60 points or more. Or there was Russell, the ideal teammate and rebounding magnet. Oh, and throughout his 13-year career, he also won 11 NBA Championships. No one who has played with or against the two can dispute that Wilt was the most gifted of the two. Russell consistently provided his Celtics the greatest opportunity to win a championship. Russell performed well in the postseason whereas Wilt excelled throughout the regular season. Russell excelled in the stressful moments, while Wilt was nonexistent in critical or clutch situations. In the 1961-1962 season, Wilt averaged 50 points per game, and Russell was awarded the league's Most Valuable Player. For Wilt, the numbers-how many points or rebounds he scored-were everything. Simply put, Russell had an obsession with success and accolades. Only what his detractors thought of him interested Chamberlain. Only what his teammates thought of him was important to Russell. Wilt won two NBA championships. Russell took eleven. In this book, Court Lord: Who Controlled the Court Better, Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain, you will discovered who is the lord of the Court. Order your copy now

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