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Ricky Thomas Gordon is the author of A Better Way (2014) and What Jesus Knew (2005).

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A Better Way

release date: Jan 01, 2014
A Better Way
The life we are now experiencing is the sum total of the thousands upon thousands of choices we have made. In every situation, in every interaction with others, we must choose. Too often we look back, sometimes many years later, and realize we could have made a better choice. We could have chosen a Better Way. Whether we are faced with only two alternatives or a seemingly endless array of choices, our innate desire is to make the best choice possible to insure both our current and future happiness. The strategies presented here will enable and encourage you to think and make better choices. Don't make excuses. Don't blame others. There is almost always a Better Way.

What Jesus Knew

release date: Jun 01, 2005
What Jesus Knew
David cried out to the Lord, ?Give me understanding according to thy word that I may live.? (Psalms 119:144,169) That has been the cry of my heart so many times. Actually, most of the time that cry has been, ?Lord help me to understand this person! Why in the world did they do what they did?? I have found that if I understand before something happens, then it is much easier to deal with the effects of that action. If I become wise in the ways people relate to others, then I will not be so surprised when they relate to me in the same way.In What Jesus Knew, I have condensed into Principles just some of the wisdom of the scriptures about interacting with others. It is my hope that we will become as ?shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves? in all our relationships. I pray that no one will stumble from The Way of Christ because they did not know what was in man.

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