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Robert E Gribbin is the author of In the Aftermath of Genocide (2005).

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In the Aftermath of Genocide

release date: Jan 01, 2005
In the Aftermath of Genocide
In the Aftermath of Genocide: The U.S. Role in Rwanda deepens understanding of the violence--the Rwandan genocide and the Congolese war--that engulfed Central Africa in the midnineties, and America's policy response to the crises. Author Robert E. Gribbin draws on his thirty years of diplomatic experience in the region to analyze U.S. perceptions of Rwanda in the years before the genocide and to recount the unfolding of the terrible event itself. Most important, he describes what happened afterwards--how the new government and people of Rwanda, together with their international partners, confronted devastation, picked up the pieces, and began to forge a new nation. They had to reestablish viable government, deliver justice to those guilty of genocide, repatriate over a million refugees, and confront an insurgency at home and a war in the Congo. In the Aftermath of Genocide is an insider's account of these crucial events. It recounts what the U.S. government knew, or did not know, and what it did, or did not do, about them.

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