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Roger D Launius is the author of From NACA to NASA to Now (2021).

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From NACA to NASA to Now

release date: May 04, 2021
From NACA to NASA to Now
A compelling history of America''s air and space agencies NASA, and its predecessor NACA, have captured the American imagination for more than a hundred years. From NACA to NASA to Now: Expanding the Frontiers of Air and Space commemorates the organizations'' incredible accomplishments that have shaped the aerospace landscape and the world. Former NASA chief historian Roger D. Launius explores aerospace history through the lenses of international efforts; the relationships between NACA/NASA and the military, universities, and US corporations; and research and development. He examines how the organizations'' technology and techniques have had enduring influence that guide space exploration to this day, highlighting all the triumphs, disappointments, and wonders along the way.

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