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Rudyard Griffiths is the author of Rare Courage (2013), Who We Are (2009) and Great Questions of Canada (2000).

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Rare Courage

release date: Oct 01, 2013
Rare Courage
An astonishing collection of compelling and vivid wartime memories. As Canada’s tens of thousands of veterans of the Second World War increasingly fall victim to the ravages of time, their personal stories become more and more vital to our understanding of what happened in those pivotal years. In Rare Courage, twenty Canadian veterans candidly describe their experiences in their own words, combined with more than eighty photographs and artifacts from the Dominion Institute and the veterans’ personal collections. Rare Courage takes readers to the sinking of the Bismarck and to the bloody beaches of Normandy. It describes the poignant search of a Jewish nurse for survivors of the Holocaust and chilling tales of shot-down airmen on the run in occupied Europe. Many of the stories shed light on little-known aspects of the war: Did you know that almost all the pioneering radar officers on British warships were Canadians? Or that a Canadian major-league baseball star ended up a prisoner in Stalag Luft 13? This is not dry, academic history, but a book that breathes with vivid details. Rare Courage celebrates the heroism and remembers the horror of the Second World War.

Who We Are

release date: Dec 01, 2009
Who We Are
Canadians have come to embrace their country as a “postmodern state”—a nation that downplays its history and makes few demands on its citizens, allowing them to find their allegiances where they may—in their region, their ethnic heritage or the language they speak. The notion of a Canadian national identity, with shared responsibilities and a common purpose, is considered out of date, even a disadvantage in a borderless world of transnational economies, resurgent regions and global immigration. In his timely and provocative book Who We Are, Rudyard Griffiths argues that this vision of Canada is an intellectual and practical dead end. Without a strong national identity, and robust Canadian civic values and engagement, the country will be hard pressed to meet the daunting challenges that lie ahead: the social costs of an aging population, the unavoidable effects of global warming and the fallout of a dysfunctional immigration system. What’s needed is a rediscovery of the founding principles that made Canada the nation it is today, core values that can form a civic creed for our own times. In a passionate call to revitalize our shared Canadian citizenship, Griffiths reminds us of who we are, what we’ve accomplished and why a

Great Questions of Canada

release date: Jan 01, 2000

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