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Ruth S Harvey is the author of The Farm of Barney B. Brown (2012).

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The Farm of Barney B. Brown

release date: Nov 01, 2012
The Farm of Barney B. Brown
Rub-a-dub-dub One pig in a tub. Staying clean has Become such a chore! Hey diddle-diddle If I can stay little, I'll never be known As a boar! Our story begins one fine day when Farmer Barney B. Brown is telling a good friend how much he enjoys living on his farm. Barney also tells his friend that the children in town love to visit his farm. His friend, however, is skeptical and finds Barney's exhortations regarding farm living to be preposterous and unbelievable; whereupon, Barney invites his friend to visit him, to see for himself why he and the children love the farm. His friend agrees to the visit, and finds the farm to be as delightful and intriguing as Barney had predicted. The beauty of nature, and his personal introduction to each of the forty animals and birds, captivates Barney's friend so completely that he decides to move to the country to live on a farm of his own.

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