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Ruth S Wentworth is the author of Nantucket's First Tea (1995).

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Nantucket's First Tea

release date: Apr 01, 1995
Nantucket's First Tea
This charming little story has appeared several times over the last 250 years. It was reported to have been written by a young woman of Nantucket who received a package of tea, which had never been seen before on the famous island. The story is told in a letter from Ruth Starbuck Wentworth to her mother, dated September 20, 1735, in which Ms. Wentworth sent a sample of the tea along with a request that she be allowed to marry the ship's captain who brought it. Filled with woodcuts reminiscent of the period and beautifully set, this reproduction of a 1908 gift edition includes a sample of the tea. Sure to please any lover of tea, history, or romance.

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