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The Effect of Individual Differences on Training Process Variables in a Multistage Computer-based Training Context

release date: Jan 01, 2009
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The Effect of Individual Differences on Training Process Variables in a Multistage Computer-based Training Context
"Given the rapid development and implementation of training through E-learning, it is imperative that research examines how trainees learn and perform in this environment. The individual nature of this environment brings into question not only what person factors are important indicators of success in an E-learning environment, but also how these factors impact the training process. Although the traditional training model (Colquitt, LePine, & Noe, 2000) offers a great deal of insight into the training process, this model was largely based on the classroom training environment. As such, this dissertation proposed that a new model was needed to understand the impact of individual differences in the E-learning environment. More specifically, this study examined whether a number of individual difference variables (generalized self-efficacy, learning orientation, optimism, and locus of control) acted as buffers against negative performance feedback in an E-learning module, thus leading to sustained effort and motivation in the training process. One hundred and ninety seven undergraduate students were randomly assigned to experimental groups (positive/negative training performance feedback), participated in two computer based training modules for ambulance drivers, and completed a number of self-report measures. The results indicated that resilience variables were largely unrelated to trainee motivation and performance in either the positive or negative performance condition. The results generally support the traditional training model in that cognitive ability, motivation, and effort were largely related to performance. The findings appear to indicate that a new resilience model for poor performers may be premature; however, a number of factors suggest future research in this area is warranted."--Abstract.

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