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S A Cosby is the author of All the Sinners Bleed (2023).

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All the Sinners Bleed

release date: Jun 06, 2023
All the Sinners Bleed
New York Times bestselling and LA Times Book Prize-winning author S. A. Cosby is back with a new novel about the first Black sheriff in a small Southern town, and his hunt for a killer.Titus Crown is the first Black sheriff in the history of Charon County. A former FBI agent and security expert, Titus came home to take care of his father and look out for his troubled younger brother. He ran for Sheriff to make a difference, especially in the Black community which has so often been treated unfairly by the police.But a year to the day after his election, a shooting rocks the town. A beloved teacher is killed by a former student, a young Black man, and while Titus attempts to deescalate, his deputies fire a fatal shot.It turns out that the teacher was far from the distinguished elder he'd seemed, and they uncover evidence of dark deeds and an unknown accomplice. The trail leads to buried bodies, town secrets, and a murderer who has been operating under their noses.As Titus tries to track down a killer hiding in plain sight, while balancing daily duties like breaking up bar fights and protecting racist Confederate pride marchers, he must face what it means to be a Black man wearing a police uniform in the American South.

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