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Atom's Walk

release date: Jan 05, 2018
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Atom's Walk
The story is told from the perspective of a single atom. Atom picks up ideas as it passes through someone or something and this is where knowledge, inspiration and new ideas come from. Atom can flow freely through space and has been here since the dawn of time, but has got into a bit of an habitual pattern, much like we humans do and does not immediately remember that it has total freedom to travel across The Universe, or through walls, bodies and into the parts that doctors wish they could reach. Atom is in Love with Planet Earth, it's flora and fauna, which holds it back from exploring elsewhere for some time. Eventually, It goes on the most amazing adventures, but concludes that it's just as happy at the bottom of a snow covered hedge on Earth, as at the top of a mountain on Venus, as all environments have great potential and if you look closely enough and get immersed in the detail, they are all full of beauty and promise.So it's probably yet another book about finding the reason to engage your Will and pursue your hearts desire, Or conversely, it's about caring for our planet and our right to be contented with just where we find ourselves living.

The Judy Blume Memory Book

release date: Sep 01, 1989
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