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Sean Herman is the author of Screen Captured (2019).

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Screen Captured

release date: Sep 24, 2019
Screen Captured
If you're a parent, you can't escape the avalanche of news touting the negative effects of technology on children. You figure that screen time can't be as bad as experts are making it out to be, and yet, you're unsure which platforms to trust and may even have anxiety over what your kids are seeing online. You want to help them form good habits around technology use, but where can you turn for guidance? In Screen Captured, Sean Herman separates technology fact from fiction for his fellow parents. He highlights the difference between positive screen time, which focuses on education, connectedness, and creativity, and being screen captured, where we are manipulated by tech companies to crave the infinite feed. He acknowledges privacy concerns but digs deeper to reveal the true problem: a growing obsession among children with the social validation they receive online. Sean equips you with critical questions to ask so you can give your kids the best of technology--while eliminating the worst of it.

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