Best Selling Books by Severin Kazimierz Turosienski

Severin Kazimierz Turosienski is the author of Reorganization of School Units (1935), The Deaf and the Hard-of-hearing in the Occupational World (1936), Poland's Institutions of Higher Education (1937), Inter-American Education (1943) and other 12 books.

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Education in Cuba, by Severin K. Turosienski,... [Foreword by Bess Goodykoontz.].

Education in Yugoslavia, by Severin K. Turosienski,... [Foreword by Bess Goodykoontz.].

Foreign and Comparative Education, a List of References, by Severin K. Turosienski... [Foreword by Bess Goodykoontz.].

16 results found

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