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Shea McGee and Syd McGee is the author of Make Life Beautiful Extended Edition (2022) and Whispers of the Flesh (2018).

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Make Life Beautiful Extended Edition

release date: Mar 15, 2022
Make Life Beautiful Extended Edition
Meet Syd and Shea McGee, the powerhouse couple behind Studio McGee, the fastest-growing interior design studio in the country. This uplifting guide, filled with insights and wisdom from Syd and Shea's ongoing journey, shows readers how classic interior design principles can be used to build an authentically beautiful life.

Whispers of the Flesh

release date: Sep 17, 2018
Whispers of the Flesh
Makaela Williams is having a hell of a time, no thanks to the handsome Andrei Vulpes, CEO of Whispers Inc. With Andrei having a large hand in making Makaela into a succubus, she's learning the hard way how to control her new abilities, and to keep her closest friends and family from finding out about it. She would love nothing more than to be rid of her new form, until her boss (and ex-boyfriend) D gets dangerously close to her. Sensing there's more to Makaela than she's letting on, D is keeping a watchful eye on her while keeping an old family secret of his own.Andrei must do all that he can to protect Makaela, along with some help from his mentor and "mother" Ursula. Even with Makaela's stubbornness threatening to unhinge their tie to one another, Andrei doesn't give up as a much larger and powerful enemy is hot on their heels. Andrei must make the choice to keep Makaela safe, no matter what.D is engaged to be married, but still holds a flame for his ex-girlfriend Makaela. As much as he wants her, he has to keep to the vows he took with his family and his forgotten fiancée. Ursula is finding it hard to convince Makaela to understand what she is now and to accept it as a part of herself now. As strong-willed as Makaela is, Ursula can't help but want to mother her and lead her on the journey to new self-discovery for Makaela.The inner turmoil for Makaela can't possibly compare to the fight she encounters against Cosmina and her cronies. Or can it?

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