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Sigismund David Roberts is the author of The Echoing Bomb Blast (2019).

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The Echoing Bomb Blast

release date: Jul 16, 2019
The Echoing Bomb Blast
You can never be a hundred-percent protected from an accident that could take your life away. You could be asleep in bed and a moon rock come through your roof and take you to eternity. At eight years old, it was my first time hearing an explosion of the magnitude of the explosion in the Hope riverbed on the tenth of March 1962. The earth quaked, and the explosion went up the riverbed and into the mountains and reverberated for several minutes. After the explosion, it was raining rocks for several minutes on top of the tin roof hut. When it stopped raining rocks and the smoke was clearing, Howard and I got off the dirt floor and began looking for a way out. Time seemed to have slowed down as we ran by the teenagers'' bodies among the rocks and driftwoods. My ears were still ringing as we sailed effortlessly through the ravine until we reached home. Warfare with guns and ammunition is the beginning of the end of life on earth.

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