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Simon Cocksedge is the author of Seeing Differently (2021), Francis of Assisi (2010) and Listening as Work in Primary Care (2005).

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Seeing Differently

release date: Jan 30, 2021
Seeing Differently
This timely book brings together the stories of St Francis - his preaching to birds, rejection of wealth, caring for lepers, befriending animals and living simply, his poetry and hymnody in praise of creation that is still sung today - and the influential writings and examples of inspiring Franciscans who have followed him such as Clare, Bonaventure, Duns Scotus and Angela of Foligno, and draws them into conversation with contemporary concerns for our planet. It gathers 800 years of accumulated wisdom and practical examples of how Franciscans have found ways to live at home and at peace with creation. It explores that long tradition and experience to ask what lessons can be drawn for today to challenge and enable readers to re-visit their own relationship with creation.

Francis of Assisi

release date: Jan 01, 2010

Listening as Work in Primary Care

release date: Jan 01, 2005
Listening as Work in Primary Care
This book has arisen from reflections on patients' everyday stories in my work as a general practitioner. Over several years I have reflected on the mandate that general practitioners are given by society to listen and be available if required. The field of study is the everyday business of being a family doctor and the inter- and intra-personal phenomena that arise as a result.' Combining analysis of detailed accounts by general practitioners of their everyday work with theoretical argument, this book is an invaluable read for medical professionals in primary care, students of medicine and nu.

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