New Release Books by Sonja Walker

Sonja Walker is the author of From Broken to Healed Workbook (2021) and School Ready (2018).

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From Broken to Healed Workbook

release date: Jul 23, 2021
From Broken to Healed Workbook
A deliverance and inner healing workbook designed for the individual as well as ministry leaders and organizations designed to begin and complete the road to recovery from bondage, inner wounds and trauma recovery and to establish your identity and calling

School Ready

release date: Jul 01, 2018
School Ready
Is your sensitive preschooler starting school soon? Do you want your child to THRIVE, and not just 'cope'? You are not alone. Every child is unique, and therefore every child has unique needs. But what if your school starter's subtle differences set them apart from their peers?

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