New Release Books by Stacy Hinojosa

Stacy Hinojosa is the author of Expedition on the Tundra (2020) and Guardians of the Taiga (2019).

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Expedition on the Tundra

release date: Jan 01, 2020
Expedition on the Tundra
"Stacy always knew that the intelligent, playful wolves who raised her weren''t like other animals. Normal wolf packs don''t spend their time rescuing animals and caring for an orphaned girl. But lately, Stacy''s wolves have revealed to her just how special they are--supernaturally special. The wolves each have their own unique ability: they can breathe underwater, run at impossible speeds, heal wounds, and more. They''re extraordinary--but how did they get that way? Determined to uncover the truth, Stacy leads the pack north. But the harsh tundra biome pushes the pack to its limits. Can they survive long enough to discover the truth? And is Stacy prepared for what the truth actually is?" -- Amazon.

Guardians of the Taiga

release date: Jan 01, 2019
Guardians of the Taiga
Stacy was raised by wolves. She''s never needed humans to survive and, from what she sees of humans, they''re dangerous and unpredictable. For as long as she can remember, Stacy''s pack of six powerful, playful wolves--Addison, Basil, Everest, Noah, Tucker and Wink--have been her only family. Together, Stacy''s pack patrols the forest to keep other animals safe, relying on her wits and each wolf''s unique abilities to accomplish risky rescue missions. But as the forest changes and new dangers begin lurking, are Stacy and the wolves prepared for the perils that await them? A rival wild pack, the constant threat of being found by humans, and a lost dog with a secret plunges them even further into harm''s way--it''s going to take the whole pack working together to keep the forest, and Stacy safe.

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