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Susan H Spence is the author of Cognitive Behavioural Interviewing for Adult Disorders (2020).

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Cognitive Behavioural Interviewing for Adult Disorders

release date: Oct 19, 2020
Cognitive Behavioural Interviewing for Adult Disorders
Originally published in 1989, the primary aim of this text was to provide a guide to the interview assessment of a wide range of common adult psychological problems. Emphasis is placed on the kinds of problems that were frequently encountered in outpatient centres at the time. The authors provide a general introduction to the nature and causes of each of the selected problems, with a focus on the kind of background knowledge that may be useful in the planning of initial interviews and the selection of appropriate interventions. Detailed examples are provided of the questions that may help elicit information on the history, severity, and causes of the problems for individual clients, and there is also a brief discussion of selected formal assessment instruments for each problem area. A major aim of the text is to teach basic principles of problem identification, behavioural analysis and a structured approach to assessment.

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