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Susan S Samuelson is the author of Introduction to Business Law (2022).

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Introduction to Business Law

release date: Jan 01, 2022
Introduction to Business Law
Discover the business law book you will enjoy reading with Beatty/Samuelson/Abril''s INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW, 7E. Readers comment that this is the best introduction to law they have ever read and they had no idea law could be so interesting. This book uses conversational writing to explain complex topics and even emerging legal trends in easy-to-understand language. With 75 years of combined teaching experience, these authors know how to clearly explain topics and keep your interest. Because the authors actually practiced law before they became teachers, they also describe how theories of law actually work in everyday business practice. This edition is packed with current examples and real-life scenarios relevant to daily life - from marijuana contracts and executive compensation to the impact of Covid-19 and #MeToo in the workplace. Gain an understanding of today''s business law topics and their impact on your life with this engaging book. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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