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Sushma Suri is the author of Ecology, Ethnicity and Identity (1994) and Clinical Psychology at a Glance (2019).

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Ecology, Ethnicity and Identity

release date: Jan 01, 1994
Ecology, Ethnicity and Identity
Ecology Is A Subject Of Prime Importance Before The World Today. Any Variation In Ecological Balance And Environmental Settings Brings Corres¬Ponding Change In The Existing Phy¬Sical Conditions And Behavioral Pattern Too. Since The Environment Is Varied Heretofore The Individual Behavior May Also Not Be Stable. The Social And Environmental Instability Are Responsi¬Ble For Behavioral Changes In Many Ways.Ethnicity Is Another Important Issue Before The Contemporary World. The Indian Society Too Is Not Free From This Virus. For A Good Number Of Sociolo¬Gists In General And Social Psycholo¬Gists In Particular Ethnic Identity Has Been Centre Of Attention For Quite Some Time. Being A Pluralistic State India Too Faces Different Problems Associated With Inter-Group Relation And Social Tension Arousing Due To Religion, Re¬Gion, Language, Caste, Tribe, Etc. Since Indian Society Is Passing Through A Typically Difficult Stage Of Crises It Becomes Very Necessary To Analyse The Factors Behind All These. Ethnic Identity Seems Important Of All.In This Book The Author Highlights The Social Psychological Explanations Of Ethnic Identity And Various Determinants Of Identity And Its Dimensions. The Book Further Discusses The Inter¬Relationships Among Ecological Set¬Tings, Level Of Deprivations, Sex And Identity Of Different Ethnic Groups. Findings Reported In This Book Show That Different Ethnic Groups Like Mus¬Lims, Sikhs, Scheduled Caste And Hindus Possess Different Identity.This Book Is A Trend Setter In The Direction Of Study Of Ethnic Identity. Empirical Facts Embodied Will Be Of Immense Use For Psychologists And Sociologists Interested In The Problems Of Different Ethnic Groups.

Clinical Psychology at a Glance

release date: Jan 01, 2019

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