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Sylvia S Mader is the author of Lab Manual for Mader Biology (2021), When the Bluebirds Sing (2021) and Martha's Vineyard Nature Guide (2020).

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Lab Manual for Mader Biology

release date: May 11, 2021

When the Bluebirds Sing

release date: Mar 08, 2021
When the Bluebirds Sing
Three sisters, the children of a mixed couple - their father African American, their mother white - choose different paths for adult fulfillment. Beautiful, fair-skinned Leana, who is proficient, skillful, and talented at the piano, wants to become a concert pianist. Does she have the fortitude to live a life alone, buffeted by incessant travel and stage appearances? Fresh from the Conservatory at Oberlin College, will she instead pursue a career mentored by her African American professor, who insists on a sexual relationship? What path does she finally choose? Nicole, who views her dark skin as an impediment to success, is gratified when Bryn Mawr college accepts her as a student, but she is dissatisfied by being tethered to a domineering high school sweetheart. Does a new, meaningful life await her when she breaks away and begins a relationship with an African American, both of them students at the University of Pennsylvania law school? Together can they help other blacks overcome the legal disadvantages in a white society? Can Danielle, the loving younger sister who wants nothing more than to help youngsters grow up healthy and strong, overcome the loss of her first love? Martha's Vineyard beckons her and engenders in her an extreme interest in the Native Americans, whose ancestors have lived on the island for thousands of years. She, on the other hand, doesn't even know her grandparents, who disowned her parents when they married. Does she find happiness when she marries a Native American and reconciles with her immediate ancestors? When do the bluebirds sing? When all is right with the world? Or at least a microcosm of the world.

Martha's Vineyard Nature Guide

release date: Mar 09, 2020
Martha's Vineyard Nature Guide
Martha's Vineyard Nature Guide is packed with full-color photography and drawings, highlighting the most frequently observed plants, animals, and natural areas, with easy-to-read descriptions and organization. Sylvia S. Mader is a nationally respected scientific author, recognized for her crisp and entertaining writing style. After establishing her home on Martha's Vineyard, the author wrote this colorful and interesting guide to assist others in appreciating the Vineyard's natural beauty.

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